MythMusic 0.20a Audioscrobbler/ plugin

I assume that the original version of this patch was made by Kyle Rose. I know he made a patch available, but it is no longer on his website. I tracked this one down using google.

The original patch was made for a previous version of MythMusic and didn't work with MythMusic 0.20a. So I looked at it and hacked it into 0.20a.

Important Notes

Applying the patch/Building


Start (or restart) your mythfrontend. Go to Utilities / Setup | Setup | Media Settings | Music Settings | Player Settings. The third screen should have your AudioScrobbler settings. Enter your username and password. Yeah, it's plaintext. That should be it! Start playing music and check your page to see if it's getting updated.


mythplugin-0.20a-audioscrobbler.patch.gz. Enjoy!


Q: HELP! It doesn't work! And it broke MythTV! And my computer exploded! And we're out of coffee!!!
A: Oops.

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